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Published: 23rd August 2008
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China has stepped front and center into 21st Century business and commerce. As one of the most populated countries in the world, China has become a very important exporter as well as importer of goods from around the globe. Because of this, more businessmen and women are commuting, working, and living in China than ever before.

Chinese schools are becoming increasingly popular and many children as well as adults want to learn how to speak Chinese - Mandarin dialect, which is spoken in Mainland China. The problem is, not many traditional school environments teach Chinese. Therefore, it is possible for many people to only learn Chinese online, or to self-teach the language. In today's economy and global business trade, learning Chinese is a smart career move.

With the explosion of the Internet and the World Wide Web, global outsourcing has become a popular option for many businesses. In recent years, China has engaged in more free trade than ever before. Since her admittance into the World Trade Organization, Chinese is one of the fastest growing languages currently being studied in the United States.

Chinese is a language of the future and the future is now. Manufacturers, banking institutions, medical facilities, and construction potential between the United States and China have increased dramatically in recent years. Blue-collar and white-collar workers from the United States are increasingly in demand in China to provide management, consulting, and accounting services for home and branch offices of major institutions throughout the Chinese continent. Simply put, Chinese language translation is in very high demand.

Chinese lessons are now available through online learning environments, but they are not all created equal. There is a wide variety of "learn to speak Chinese" or "how to speak Chinese" books in your local bookstore, but is it is incredibly difficult to learn Chinese on your own. Over one billion people currently speak Chinese in various aspects of business, social, and professional environments. Learning from native Chinese speakers is one of the best ways for a beginner to understand the extremely complex sounds and pronunciations of Mandarin Chinese.

With the 2008 Beijing Olympics just around the corner, thousands of Americans are looking to learn Chinese easy. The United Nations has declared 2008 the "International year of Languages". Mando Mandarin is the world's leading online language school that specializes in teaching Chinese live over the Internet through private one-on-one sessions. A leader in Chinese language education, Mando Mandarin is a globally recognizable educational brand online and off.

Many people struggle to learn Chinese on their own and find themselves learning to pronounce words and phrases the wrong way. Chinese is comprised of various tones that need to be heard in order to understand. Ignoring these tones will produce garbled language skills that are not recognizable and may very well cause extreme embarrassment!

China is in the news on an almost daily basis, and the upcoming Olympic games will help bring people together to a greater understanding of this great and ancient country. China will continue to spread her wings and offer economic potential for both import and export goods, production, and manpower. Preparing for global interaction with China is one of the best ways to get a jumpstart on that future.

If you want to learn how to learn Mandarin online, take advantage of Mando Mandarin's unique teaching materials, one-on-one instruction, and an interactive learning experience that is so much more effective than traditional self-taught methods.

Language is an important aspect of bridging cultural barriers and understanding. Take the time to learn to speak Chinese correctly. While most people realize that the fastest way to learn Chinese is to live in China, there are easier and cheaper ways to go about it. Visit for more information on one of the best online Chinese schools.

Mike Cheng is author for Mando Mandarin, an Online Chinese Tutor to Learn Chinese Online, Learn Mandarin Online. Site also offers you learn Chinese through Chinese language lesson and Chinese language translation to learn Chinese easy.

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